Toilets, Lavatories. Bathrooms.

I want to continue the life I had before the stroke. However, toilets can be a huge issue. When I go to the State Theatre at the Arts Centre the access into the theatre is excellent, however the disability toilet is a long walk from my seat. There is not enough time at interval to go to the bathroom. I was a member of a board that met in the Australia Post HQ. All 19 floors have toilets for the disabled, or so they think, they have been signed off by the powers that be! Supposedly all the boxes have been ticked! However, the rails by the toilets are all on the left side. This is of no use to me. I need them on the right! A conversation with someone like me, could have sorted this out satisfactorily for all users. Many pubs and restaurants say they have toilets for those with a disability. Only to find there are steps or even stairs to access them. So an outing can entail [...]