Kathleen Jordan

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    This book is a story of resilience that will move you and continue to teach long after you have reluctantly turned the last page.
    DR MEGAN CLARK AC, Advisory Board member, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Kathleen’s book has given the reader an insight into the physical, emotional and mental challenges faced by stroke victims and those who love them.
    CECILIA BURGESS, COO of Bell Gully Lawyers NZ
    This story will move you to appreciate and see your life and all that is in it in a new light. The book will move you in a deep, profound and loving way.
    BERNADETTE BAYNIE, Group General Counsel, Batelco Group
    There are numerous lessons for every reader in this accessible, emotional and raw story of triumph over adversity. Kathleen is a heroine and her story must be read.
    PROFESSOR JAMES ANGUS, AO President, National Stroke Foundation